Life's Not All Unicorns and Rainbows, or IS IT?

Life’s not all unicorns and rainbows, but the night of this adorable shoot it was! In between rain showers we laughed and danced with Lollipop the unicorn and even saw a huge rainbow sprawled across the sky opposite of where we were shooting so of course we had to include it for some extra portrait magic.

A little imagination and A lot of smiles equals pure magic! We had so many giggles and shared a lot of sweet moments with our stunning pony “Lollipop” , She is a blue eyed beauty who is a rescue horse training to be a therapy UNICORN. Yep, this little lady is going to bless so many, with the help of Right Foot Ranch, A non profit, located right here in Central Pennsylvania, York Pa.

We are sponsoring Lollipops first rehabilitation visit Friday Sept. 13 2019 !

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Don't Blink: Sounds Cliche, but Don't

Don't Blink: Sounds Cliche, but Don't


Wrinkly toes turn to big gummy laughs that turn to  wobbly steps with chubby little  cheeks that turn to grass stained knees that turn to shorter and shorter lived snuggles that turn to sweaty sports uniforms or  gym Socks that turns into car keys hanging from their pockets. 

When people say don't blink...it's for real. don't blink sounds cliche but I'm here as a  "mom or many" or mominator as my teens tease... I'm a mama of adult children and all ages in between.  One minute your smelling a freshly bathed toddler who wants a bedtime story and the next your pacing halls because it's close to curfew.   

You will triumph in parenting and you will fail....but one things for sure whether we blink or not : they grow up. Nobody ever regrets freezing moments in time by capturing images. 

We will capture it, let Mudpies freeze all this in a unique way with images of everything that is THEM.  

Here's some images recently from an adorable little boy whose mama says we captured him perfectly, natural smiles and with all things he adores.  

A home run hit!

We loved this little rookie and he loved his cake! There’s no way is this lil slugger is staying on the bench! It was a home run hit birthday party, and they even had a @perrydell ice cream truck there! Check out a sneak peek of his session below!

A sneak peek into our Natural Light studio

A sneak peek into our Natural Light studio

We welcomed this little beauty into our new, natural light studio! The 18 floor to ceiling windows allowed for amazing natural light to shine in and captured each smile from this little cutie, perfectly! We are currently booking holiday sessions in our newnatural light studio, as well, so contact us today to schedule! Check out some fun portraits in this sneak peek below, this has been a year long project and we are so happy with the end result and know you will love a session in this bright cheery space