Boudoir Session or Party

We encourage you to consider hosting the MNB studio #GlamSquad with a few of your gal pals and embrace being a sexy woman! Don’t feel sexy? You will. We guarantee it!

We’ve logged many years of education and experience in Boudoir photography. While it may not have always been the main focus at Mudpies Studios, we’ve grown and perfected the craft of capturing women in an artistic way. (Besides, who doesn’t want to feel like freakin’ Beyonce for the day?)

The MnB GlamSquad brings all the glam, glitter, high heels, and lipstick to groups of women - and everyone has a blast! It makes our own hearts soar when our creativity elevates your group, delivering all the feeling of being on-set… LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! We roll out the red carpet with professional makeup and hair design services, professional set crew, and two professional photographers. Each of your friends will have a private session with multiple wardobe changes with professional tips and suggestions from on-set STYLIST. YES, professional styling!

At first we didn’t think York was a market for this service, but boy were we wrong! York NEEDS more women empowering women. And we’re not only up to the challenge, we’re perfect for the job.

Gather a group of gals, set up a Facebook convo, and fire questions over to us. We would love to collaborate with you and make your perfect dream session a reality. We’ll pop bubbly and laugh the day away! What a fun time everyone has been having at these boudoir parties - from planning playlists of music to planning food and cocktails!

We respect your personal choices around levels of privacy, and you’ll receive a password protected gallery of your gorgeous intimate images to keep for yourself (which we would never share without permission). Although… so far every person who has participated in one of these parties has wanted us to share some of those images with the world! Yep, you heard that right! Women who were nervous about it, self-conscious and doubtful… shouting LOOK AT ME! THAT is our goal.  Whether it’s a solo boudoir session or a Bombshell Boudoir party, we are changing how women look at themselves, one boudoir at a time. We invite you to look through our lenses…

Book a boudoir session or party.

If you’d like to see larger versions of the images below, please follow this link.