Don't mess with her!

We fell in love with Hannah and her 3 protectors (aka brothers) from the day they stepped foot in our studio many years ago! Their silly personalities made us laugh and the love they had for their baby sister, melted our hearts. We have been lucky enough to capture all of these kiddos milestones from the time they were newborns. 

We were thrilled when Hannah came back for her 6 month session! Now she is developing her own little personality and her smile is infectious! We cannot wait to continue to watch this sweet little girl grow!

Facebook H. Leedy 6 Month-1020.jpg
Facebook H. Leedy 6 Month-1025.jpg
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These cuties "Quacked" us all up!

We had so many fun filled sessions with the ducklings this year! The kiddos loved the ducklings and we are pretty sure the feeling was mutual! The ducks and kiddos were so gentle at times our web-footed friends fell asleep on a few of the kids. How adorable! We are sad that the duck sessions are over but so happy to share that all of  them are living happily ever after at the farm. They have plenty of room to roam and a nice pond to swim in. Life is just "ducky!" 

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Due in 2018? We would love to bless a few moms with a FREE Bump session! We offer more  intimate boudior style bump sessions- focusing on mommy and that baby bump , family bump sessions- that include partner and siblings too, petite bump sessions- for moms who just want to capture this time in life with just one location and without wardrobe changes and the very fun ROCK the Bump sessions- this combines a bit of each style indoor and outdoors with multiple wardrobe changes which we help style you and supply for you.

To enter the contest please email us a picture of your beautiful bump to we will reply to let you know we received your image (if you do not hear from us we did not get the image) then you will visit our Facebook page to participate in the contest all entries must be sent in by midnight April 2nd.

Voting begins at noon April 3rd and will end at midnight April 9th. You must like AND follow our page as well as comment under the image for the vote to count. You can easily share the contest Album with friends and family to rally for votes. 



Moms, I'm here to tell you from experience.... life is short, time flies. I know you will come up with 27 reasons why you don't want to be in front of the lens or why the timing is'nt right to get those pictures taken. I'm here to tell you NOBODY is ever going to look back and regret getting TOO many pictures and moments captured!!

Your children will not remember how flabby skin on your tummy squished out over your jeans, or how you spent days trying to find a flowy top to hide it. They wont even think about why you wore those leggings for basically 7 months straight. They want the images that spark the memories of moments,  to flood back to the warmth of your embrace, how your skin felt as you held them, how you sounded as you read those bedtime stories or how silly you made the car rides with those songs.  You won't remember the sleepless nights, the constant spills or tantrums. You will want the images that spark the memories of those kicks you felt in your tummy while anxiously awaiting your bundle, that newborn flaky skin and fresh baby smell, the big gummy smile all the way up to them walking across the stage at graduation or that moment she walks down the aisle and your heart is racing.  We want to capture images for you that take you Right. Back There. 

Consider booking a mom and me session WE DO THESE YEAR ROUND..any ages, include grandmas too!!

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Yes, its true ....we love capturing your memories!! We may be most well known for our work with babies and families but our light airy fun style often matches just what a bride and groom is looking for. We don't book a full schedule of weddings, we like to keep creativity optimal and frankly want you to have us at our best, with a speedy turn around time and highest quality products. Our prices reflect our commitment to fine art portrait work, while being affordable. We service our brides with a variety of sessions including bridal boudiour, last chance bridal party minis as well as offering FREE engagement sessions!!

Well things are just Ducky around here..

We loved all our gorgeous Snow Sessions and of course Holiday Petites at Shady Lane were just breathtaking...but we are more than ready for some sunshine! Easter is a bit early this year so we decided to stick with an early round of indoor Petite Ducky Sessions for the little ones, followed by Outdoor Spring Petites in April for big kids and families, when things start to bloom and our world becomes colorful again. 

Back by popular demand, things are going to get even more fun at Mudpies Studios!! Our ducklings are due to hatch anyday now! Stay tuned to our facebook page for the official hatched announcement but in the meantime book your time with them.  We are offering these session on a first come basis so email or call 717-650-2694.


Forever Friends Grad Sessions

Graduation time is getting closer and closer!  Whether you are graduating from high school or from college, it's a BIG DEAL!  You did it!!  Let's capture it!!  

Every year we do lots of Senior Sessions.  This group of girls not only wanted to capture themselves in their senior pictures at Millersville University,  but wanted to document the amazing bond and friendships they were blessed with along the way!  

So, for something different, this year we are offering "Forever Friends Grad Sessions!"  So grab your favorite gals or guys, a handful of glitter, a bottle of champagne (age appropriate of course) and lets have some fun!

 Contact us to book yours!