How to Have a Fun Senior Photoshoot

How to have a fun Senior photoshoot? Well….just add ALL your favorite things!

To say we had a blast with Joshua during his senior session is an understatement! He is a true outdoorsman and we got to see all of the things that he is passionate about. We met his favorite four-legged pal, Remi, the goat, learned about his role as President of the Pennsylvania White Rose FFA, and watched him fling some mud on his 4 wheeler! We love designing and planning sessions for our Seniors! We love for them to show off their passions to capture real and timeless images that parent are sure to treasure for a lifetime.

Its never too late or the wrong season! Let us plan out a session with your senior. Our packages include released fully digitally edited images. 

Check out the sneak peek portraits from Joshua’s session!

blogBradfield Senior Session-1063.jpg

How to have a Magical Photoshoot

How to have a magical photoshoot? Include A UNICORN

No matter how you view them, mythical beast or a glittery fairytale pony. Unicorns are real…

These styled shoots are an experience. We love letting kids just be little. In the times social media and crazier schedules than ever- our kids are growing up way to fast, in fact kids are forced to deal with adult issues sooner than they should have to! We not only want to capture that inner child, but allow them to actually experience it with imagination. We ended our summer “Let Them Be Little” Petite series but that does not mean the fun stops! We offer these fun interactive sessions year round!

Camping and campfires, snowball fights, cookies in bed, cocoa for Santa, pillowfights and pancakes minis are just a small mention of our upcoming mini sessions we are offering over the cooler months! Life’s not all unicorns and rainbows, but it can be when you come get creative with us!

We had a blast working with these gorgeous girls and the beautiful white horse. The “unicorn” loved all of the affection (and treats) that the girls fed her! Check out some of the many magical moments we captured of Jasmine, Lily, and her unicorn during their photoshoot!

 A girl and her Pony

A girl and her Pony

More than photography

To us, yes, it’s about capturing milestones because memories fade, but its more than just photography! We bond with our clients and they become like family. This family is no exception as we have watched their family grow and have been blessed to photograph their last 3 children’s newborn sessions. We have been able to capture many milestones even after those newborn sessions including their youngest daughter’s recent cakesmash! How adorable are these 5 blue eyed kiddos?!?! We love each one of them and their little personalities! Check out a sneak peek from Charlotte’s one year/cakesmash session!

Let Them Be Little

Summer is over but that doesn’t mean the memories have to end! We plan to continue our “Let Them Be Little“ Summer series starting Spring of 2019 with fresh new ideas and fun for the entire family to join in! We don’t ever want our parents experiencing stressful shoots and besides, who wants to chase toddlers and get all sweaty with your makeup melting and hair frizzing?!?! ..LET US DO THE WORK AND LET THEM BE LITTLE! We have captured so many adorable kiddos naturally at play with our Summer Petite sessions. Here is a flashback of a few of our favorites! We wish we could share them all because their smiles were as big as their imaginations and our hearts melted.

Miracle From The Start

We value all strong women who are busy with school, careers, keeping families going and even some wearing those supermom capes always so selfless! Many of you have seen our display at the York Womans Healthcare Group OBGYN office in York, Pa, where you will see many faces who represent a story of strength. One of those is a story of courage and a little miracle.

We were blessed to meet an amazingly strong woman who courageously conquered above and beyond what most of us can’t even comprehend. Her story brought us to tears. We were so thankful to be able to capture these precious moments for her and her husband and their journey is just so inspiring. Below is a super shortened version of this journey.

“In January 2018, I was diagnosed with endometrioid adenocarcinoma while in my second trimester of pregnancy after completing IVF therapy! I had open abdominal surgery to remove it, had a port placed, and started chemotherapy. Flash forward to delivery month when I had my FINAL CHEMO treatment!!” -Colleen

Joey was born healthy and incredibly strong! Capturing this precious little miracle along with his amazing parents was such a joyous time that we hold close and cant wait to watch him grow.


Family, fun, and lots of smiles!

We love shooting outdoor family portraits! It's all about you and your family having fun together with lots of laughing and smiling while we capture each precious moment. This family made it so easy to do just that! Do you have a special location that is sentimental to your family? We would love to photograph you and your family so you have these memories to savor for years to come! 

Summer sunflowers

We had a blast shooting our sunflower sessions this year! Every year we have a gracious local farmer who plants sunflower fields just for our private use, but due to the bad weather, the crops didn't flourish as we hoped. Gray Apple Market saved the day by allowing us to use their beautiful sunflower gardens and market, too! Be sure to check them out for all of your Fall and farmhouse decor!  Here's a sneak peek of a few families we were blessed to capture portraits of. We look forward to a bumper crop next year and more sunflower sessions!

Facebook Lyon Sunflower Session-1024.jpg

what sets us apart

In an industry booming with the sale of "prosumer" grade cameras, it's easy to be a self proclaim. You are indeed a photographer and self taught is fine; plenty of amazing photographers are. We would like to discuss a few things on this topic.  Professional grade equiptment is very different. It is much, much more costly to purchase and maintain. Not all photographers are going to have the glass series to cut through heavy fog, bright light rays, or waterproof stuff to shoot in the craziest weather conditions, if need be. Professionals have that all covered! They also know how to use it and when. It's what makes professionals just that- taking time to perfect the craft through multiple experiences, learning opportunities, and investing hours of learning the latest techniques and keeping up with cutting edge technology. For important milestones and memories that you want to last a lifetime, please consider investing in hiring a professional.  

Now, if Aunt Susie down the street or mom's BFF momtog is teaching herself and building a portfolio, help them out, by all means! Reserve the special milestones, though, to be captured by professionals ESPECIALLY when it comes to posing your tiny human. Newborn photography should never be a portfolio building or a practice opportunity. I'll spare you the 3,000 reason why and cut to the chase. 


You need people handling your baby in the specially molded poses who are trained to do so. Tiny vessels can be pinched off by the simple act of putting baby in a container/basket etc and causing irreversible nerve damage that you may not even discover, or worse. This is not a scare tactic for you to come to us for your newborn session-this is serious and meant to be informative. We have a passion for photography, but we have more of a passion to love and serve others. We love your babies and do not ever want to see babies injured. Many of the images you see are carefully edited for hours and the baby is not actually posed in a way that is the final result...these images are composite images put together by a professional designer. No, our babies are never just hanging in whimsical dreamcatchers..well they are except there are always multiple hands on the baby!!!

At Mudpies Studio, you can breathe a sigh of relief that are not only licensed and insured to handle the tiniest infants we have medical background with a specialty in neonatal! We have all state child clearances and we are current and up to date on all vaccines- many people do not think of this! I can't imagine taking my newest precious cargo to someone and not knowing this. Newborn sessions are UP CLOSE and personal with the entire family and your little ones immune system needs to still grow! That aside, we have over 16 years experience and a team dedicted to our work but mostly, YOUR safety. 

2. Your Investment- Our Promise

We are not a high volume studio. We are able to turn around images in just days- each one beautifully edited to perfection. Little Sam has scraped up knees? (although sometimes cute to capture that boy phase), we have you covered! We can edit that out! That stain on your shirt from the babies hands that just happened prior to arrival? We got you. You do not pay extra for editing, nor do you search through tons of images and select which ones and what we will edit. Professional service is all encompassing. W strive for all shoots to be stress free. Often there are two or more photographers working with your family at a session. We know what it takes to get an entire family ready for pictures. WE take all of the stress away from beginning to the delivery of your final images by helping to plan and style your session, to directing with our professional eye for location, lighting, posing and angles so that you get the most from every session. You will have a convenient online gallery with a large amount of images to share with friends and family that they will fall in love with. We promise! 

Sunrise, sunburn, sunset..smiles!

Summer on the Eastern Shore never looked so good! Too many to post! We have been busy with so many beautiful beach sessions. From weddings, rock the bump sessions to seniors, family portraits and gender reveals, we've got you covered! Here's a sneak peek of the past week!

Mudpies N Butterflies shoots at various locations on the Eastern Shores, Delaware and Maryland. We love the beach just as much as you and would love the capture your family or event at the beach! Call us at (717) 650-2694 or email us at


Not so new? Not a problem !

How precious is this little one?! Although we prefer to have babes in the studio when they are fresh and tiny within two weeks after delivery (so they are easier to mold into those adorable poses in a "Just New" session), being an older baby doesn't mean you missed having newborn images capture! You can still book a newborn session. This little one rocked her session at 6 weeks old! We are trained to capture every stage of life in an artistic and creative way. Check out some of the amazing portraits from this little doll's session! 

Don't Blink Baby's First Year

Don't blink! You're going to want this back, you're gonna miss this ......its sooo true! You will never regret photographing each stage of baby's first year and will always want to look back at the memories preserved forever. Did you know we offer packages to capture the entire first year of life? We know the days are long but the years fly by. Let us help you plan so you never worry about missing a milestone! We have numerous plans and can customize a plan for what you need. Two of our popular plans is where we photograph your baby at 4-10 days old with a "Just New" session,  3 months belly session, 6 months sitter session, 9 months is the standing/walking session, and one year and a cake smash/first birthday session. We can also streamline photographing your baby and capture the big milestones at 4-10 days old, 6 months, and 12 months. We love to include any holidays and family with each session. we want to provide you memories that really capture each milestone for your family.

We also love to capture your growing family by offering FREE gender reveal/announcement sessions, discounted maternity minis, and Rock the Bump Sessions. Birthstories, Fresh48 in hospital newborn mini session all discounted as well when you book your Just New, styled in studio newborn session. 

Check out The Bonds family! We have captured their growing family over the years through baby plans. Highlighted below is just a sneak peek from their sweet little girls first year. or 717-650-2694


6 months

One year