Let's Talk Tweens

The first birthday Cakesmash is often a captured milestone and then suddenly you find yourself with a third grader that you only have some obligatory school pics of.  It's such a wonderous time of  child hood that your children don't often recall. What do they like to eat, their favorite movie or shows, what's that treasured toy that has to seemingly tag along everywhere? 

Lets talk about the TWEENS , this is the most rapid growth and marked changes you will see since their baby stage! And yet often parents get so busy carpooling to sports, working on those Art projects etc.. all the busy stuff that comes with this age! Aside from an occasional family portrait do you have anything captured that really freezes this time in their life? 

They are starting to explore makeup and may even be pushing limits of fashion. Often they found a passion for a certain sport, talent or hobby. 

In a world that is so fast paced and the internet and social media being so Infuential. It often leads to the innocence of these years to fly by and fizzle. 

Insecurities also develope during the informative years, heighten social pressure coupled with body changes can lead so many kids to develop negative  doubt and poor self feelings regarding body image social status and everything in between. 

We offer TWEEN sessions that will not only capture all the things about them that changes so quickly, but a shoot full of confidence boosting and fun (let's face it we all enjoy being pampered dobted over). Styled shoot with hair and makeup artists on set as well as older girls who are great positive role models acedemically and, socially in the community...what an experience! Lights, camera, action !! They will be sure to remember this experience for years to come. Our hope is to freeze this time forever with tasteful heirloom quality images to cherish AND  have the experience be a huge positive impact as they embark on the teen years that can be oh so trying and tough for some. 




Don't Blink: Sounds Cliche, but Don't

Don't Blink: Sounds Cliche, but Don't


Wrinkly toes turn to big gummy laughs that turn to  wobbly steps with chubby little  cheeks that turn to grass stained knees that turn to shorter and shorter lived snuggles that turn to sweaty sports uniforms or  gym Socks that turns into car keys hanging from their pockets. 

When people say don't blink...it's for real. don't blink sounds cliche but I'm here as a  "mom or many" or mominator as my teens tease... I'm a mama of adult children and all ages in between.  One minute your smelling a freshly bathed toddler who wants a bedtime story and the next your pacing halls because it's close to curfew.   

You will triumph in parenting and you will fail....but one things for sure whether we blink or not : they grow up. Nobody ever regrets freezing moments in time by capturing images. 

We will capture it, let Mudpies freeze all this in a unique way with images of everything that is THEM.  

Here's some images recently from an adorable little boy whose mama says we captured him perfectly, natural smiles and with all things he adores.  

Taco TwosDay, Central PA Child Photographer

Taco TwosDay, Central PA Child Photographer

I LOVE cake. But I love tacos MOST.... How fun, A Taco Smash! Seems like after the BIG ONE so many people forget to document the annual birthdays. We arnt gonna sugar coat it TWO year olds are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to fine Art Photography. Well, we are here to tell you....It won't be stressfull- It's our thing. We know how to read them, we can bring a calmness and make it fun if you let us work our magic WE WILL GET THE SHOTS...promise. We prepare with extra staff and props and style the sessions ahead of time to have the best possible outcome.   

Sneak peek of this fun birthday shoot:  

Baby Bump Contest , Mudpies N Butterflies Photography LLC, Central Pa Photographer



Thank you for participating in our BABY BUMP BASH GIVE AWAY For moms DUE IN 2019 JULY - DEC, please- if you are not available for an instudio newborn session the first 14 days after delivery, or if  already booked with another local photographer for services we would recommend not entering this contest, as it cannot be transferred or gifted.

HERE is what you need to know to enter:

This is a facebook based social media marketing tool that allows us to give away some great prizes and at the same time show our work to many local new potential viewers.

You will need to submit ONE  image of your adorable bump along with the following info to servelovecapture@gmail.com with 2019 baby bash inthe subject line no later than JUNE 10th at noon!  -

Both expecting parents full names,Due date, facebook account link , home address, email address, gender ( if known ) as well as how many other children you have

Each image is uploaded on to our FACEBOOK page where you will send people to “like” your image Comments do not count strictly counting likes, you will have five days to rally for votes and by entering the contest you  model release of the images  during your sessions to be posted on social media by Mudpies N Butterflies Photography LLC -  like bots and involvement with ANY sort of l contest like  generating pages/ mode is disqualification we are giving away high dollar value items and in return you are promoting our page- cheating by using bought “likes” or usage of  bots, contest group pages etc is not fair to us or other contestants  and will cause disqualification


The TOP 3  images with the most likes at midnight on June 18th will then be entered into a random drawing that will appear on facebook to announce the winner of the Newborn petite session and A WELCOME BABY GIFT BASKET filled with all sorts of cute things for your bundle!

However the TOP THREE ALL WILL RECEIVE A MINI natural bump session, where the focus is on your growing belly! , The prize bump shoot (does not include family and siblings but you can pay to upgrade to that style if you would like. ) Participation in this prize mini requires you to be available during natural light studio hours these will occur on a  WEEK day morning -early eve (depending on season the sun sets sooner in the fall) if you chose to upgrade to a rock the bump full session te session times can be more flexible and take place on location or at one of our many other locations and gorgeous studios.

If you are the TOP  winner randomly selected from the three -

The prize  newborn session valued at $399 if you decide you would like to include more family or more sets etc  in your newborn session you can apply it and book any of our Newborn session or full year baby plan but it does’nt have a cash value or  payout.

Summer Recipe for Fun, Mudpies N Butterflies York Pa Children's Photographer

What makes for a really fun photoshoot? Well first you find some really adorable kiddos who are really active. Then, you add some unicorns, mermaids, scubba bubbles, add it into a large tub full of bubblegum a.d what you end up with is  all things Mudpies Magical! 

A home run hit!

We loved this little rookie and he loved his cake! There’s no way is this lil slugger is staying on the bench! It was a home run hit birthday party, and they even had a @perrydell ice cream truck there! Check out a sneak peek of his session below!

A sneak peek into our Natural Light studio

A sneak peek into our Natural Light studio

We welcomed this little beauty into our new, natural light studio! The 18 floor to ceiling windows allowed for amazing natural light to shine in and captured each smile from this little cutie, perfectly! We are currently booking holiday sessions in our newnatural light studio, as well, so contact us today to schedule! Check out some fun portraits in this sneak peek below, this has been a year long project and we are so happy with the end result and know you will love a session in this bright cheery space

Milk Bath Sessions for the Babies return for Spring


How adorable!  We have some adorable options for these , fruit , florals, even milk and cookie or cereal bath for the baby boys! Indoor or outdoor options. Due to the set up, clean up ,and playtime involved,  these sessions are booked separate and not combined with other sessions to get the most out of your experience.  Our beautiful maternity bump milk baths are offered year round now starting next month! But these little petites for the babes (age two and under)  and our mini claw foot tub are just too cute!!


THE LOFT York PA - A historically edgy space for Photography

Although not new to downtown, York pa. We can officially announce Mudpies N Butterflies is calling it home to our newly redesigned warehouse style studio in the WeCo district of our beloved city. We are able to embrace the culture of the Art district, the history of the heritage rail trail, the beauty of foundry park and surrounding architecture as well as indulge in our favorite fair from local food and beverage vendors. Turning this early 1900 Iron casting warehouse into a space we can use for events, teaching and styling gorgeous sessions has been a labor of love and we are ready to share it with you.

We are keeping our comfy spacious newborn suite in Dover Pa, and our amazing natural light studio boasting 18 floor to ceiling windows and glass ceiling in Southern York County. THE LOFT is an addition of an edgy space and is just what we needed to grow our creativity and we are looking forward to even more boudoirs, events, seniors, sports and commercial sessions to go down there.

Please Join us at 4pm on March 15th for our official ribbon cutting ceremony. 220 W Philadelphia St York Pa

Deadline for Nominations Tomorrow!

February 17 is the deadline for nominating us for York Sunday News Best of York contest! Every vote counts right now because we'll get to the next stage of voting if we're in the top five for our category. If you're a fan of what we do, it's the perfect time to go vote! Thankfully always yours, Mudpies N' Butterflies


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It's time to start the next contest.

We've been partnering with you for years to produce stellar-quality, beautiful pieces of art that tell the story of people and families in York, PA, and beyond.  After all, without YOU in front of the camera, our talents wouldn't be nearly as meaningful. Now, we're relying on you to talk about it!  The more people know about what we do, the more we can do, and you're a vital part of that circle.

Today, the York Sunday News has opened its annual Best of York County contest.  It's easy to nominate us!

  1. From February 9 to February 17, go to http://ydr.upickem.net/engine/YourSubmission.aspx?contestid=485389&fbclid=IwAR15NVr_iEIKmlyly0BEZIVtyeJN321aUxlnaxkXAtCbrXhWy40IUqgyXMk

  2. Fill out the online form on that page - for it to be valid, please nominate local businesses in at least ten categories. Our official name is Mudpies N' Butterflies; feel free to copy and paste!

  3. The top five entrants in each category will graduate to a second round of voting from March 30 to April 7.

The Susquehanna Style contest is still underway, too...  They're offering to enter folks who submit more than 25 categories into a drawing. You may be a winner by nominating and voting for us!  That online survey is available through Feb. 28 at the top of this page:  https://susquehannastyle.com/awards/best-of-york?fbclid=IwAR3AyNP-TN7ePmAr2P5dP50vs22gi5Osol_F2fQHGi6TqgXyxd3yFoOFJZo

Thank you, in advance, for supporting our efforts in this way.  Thank you for working with us to capture such lovely moments in your lives.  And thank you for being such a vibrant part of life in York.

Mudpies N' Butterflies Photography

Boudoir Bombshells to Bellies to Baby and Beyond

From #babies to #bumps to #bombshells and all things #family, we're proud to serve you in capturing your favorite moments! We've happily partnered with you to help you tell your story through stunning imagery - now please consider telling the world about us (or at least central Pennsylvania!). There are a few local contests, and we could really use your help.

In the next few weeks, voting is happening on the following two sites.

Susquehanna Style's Best of York contest is running right now:https://susquehannastyle.com/awards/best-of-york

And the Best of York contest sponsored by the York Sunday News will start allowing nominations on February 9: http://bestofyork.inyork.com Actual voting for this contest will happen later in the month.

We're always thankfully yours, Mudpies N' Butterflies

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How to host Boudoir Photoshoot Party

Want to know how to host a boudoir Photoshoot Party?

At MnB Studios, we love capturing and empowering women of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and ethnicities.  We want you to look at every image and see what WE see, a beautiful you!

We encourage you to consider hosting the MNB studio #GlamSquad with a few of your gal pals and embrace being a sexy woman! Don’t feel sexy? You will. We guarantee it!

We’ve logged many years of education and experience in Boudoir photography. While it may not have always been the main focus at Mudpies Studios, we’ve grown and perfected the craft of capturing women in an artistic way. (Besides, who doesn’t want to feel like freakin’ Beyonce for the day?)

The MnB GlamSquad brings all the glam, glitter, high heels, and lipstick to groups of women - and everyone has a blast! It makes our own hearts soar when our creativity elevates your group, delivering all the feeling of being on-set… LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! We roll out the red carpet with professional makeup and hair design services, professional set crew, and two professional photographers. Each of your friends will have a private session with multiple wardobe changes with professional tips and suggestions from on-set STYLIST. YES, professional styling!

At first we didn’t think York was a market for this service, but boy were we wrong! York NEEDS more women empowering women. And we’re not only up to the challenge, we’re perfect for the job.

Gather a group of gals, set up a Facebook convo, and fire questions over to us. We would love to collaborate with you and make your perfect dream session a reality. We’ll pop bubbly and laugh the day away! What a fun time everyone has been having at these boudoir parties - from planning playlists of music to planning food and cocktails!

We respect your personal choices around levels of privacy, and you’ll receive a password protected gallery of your gorgeous intimate images to keep for yourself (which we would never share without permission). Although… so far every person who has participated in one of these parties has wanted us to share some of those images with the world! Yep, you heard that right! Women who were nervous about it, self-conscious and doubtful… shouting LOOK AT ME! THAT is our goal.  Whether it’s a solo boudoir session or a Bombshell Boudoir party, we are changing how women look at themselves, one boudoir at a time. We invite you to look through our lenses…

Join the fun at FestivICE 2019 York Pa FREE Event

The Mudpies Studio Girls will be all around Central Market York during FestivICE and we look forward to seeing you! Stop by our display near the Cherry Lane middle door  entrance for a chance to win a FREE session and take a break from the cold. Let your kiddos enjoy our sensory SNOW play!


We love the magic of Winter and sessions in the snow are always so fun, interactive, timeless, breathtaking images in a beautiful setting. The emotion drawn from the natural interaction and capturing real time love, gives us the warm fuzzies even if it’s cold outside!


FF Downtown ... that's where it's at

So .. Whats the "F" s you ask? First Friday February, that's WHAT!!! This project had been a labor of love for two years and we are ready to share with you all.... that our Grand Opening of a third location is slated for First Friday in February! Yes, we have been in Cherry Lane at Central Market in York City for three years so although not new to downtown we now have our own building WITH a parking lot in downtown York, Pa!! 

We are feeling so blessed! In addition to our lovely and cozy studio in Dover that is complete with a newborn suite, and this past Summers addition of our Leader Heights Natural light studio location ....we now have a gorgeous Warehouse downtown! Yep, we are right in the heart of charming downtown with the heritage trail, Foundry park, art district and more all walking distance! We will be able to service our more mature clients in a way that fits even more styles perfectly!  High School Seniors, Families, Athletes, host Boudior sessions and more.

We love supporting other artist in the area and have worked side by side (and are friends with) the majority of the top photographers in York so we are pleased to announce that this space is a mixed use creative venue that will host a variety of classes, workshops, shootouts and events and we can't wait to collaborate and continue to -  Serve. love.Capture 

With that being said- we need a name for the space! Since the venue will be for mixed use, we have our top choices selected and feel we should let YOU all, our fans decide!! We will be having a POLL coming up and need your help! Watch Facebook for all the details, address and some images of our new space!! Looking forward to sharing this exciting time with you. Stay tuned  


How do you eat your Christmas cookies?

Well ..by the handfuls with lots of crumbs, cuddles and hysterical moments of course! How many people can we fit onto one vintage iron bed? ALOT and  how many cookies can we eat? ( 8 dozen to be exact 😂🤣)

  Mudpies N Butterflies couldn't be more blessed! We made some new friends and welcomed life long clients into the studios, thank you for  trusting us with your holiday memories! So many awesome canvases that were included with these sessions were delivered as gifts,  so although we started these way back in the early fall...our lips were sealed (haha we noticed many of our families could not wait and posted for all to see anyway!) and we LOVED seeing your adorable and creative holiday cards too! Although we love PJs pictures year round our Farmhouse Christmas Cookie sessions are all wrapped up! Multiple sets worked out lovely to get the best of both styles in one session and gave everyone a variety.

Santa coming to Mudpies Dover Studio location was the BEST idea our little elves have had!  Ofcourse Santa knew each child by name, it was really magical! The special part was- that everyone got to experience the true meaning of the season and gift children need with a brand new toys. Over 150 children were able to open up new gifts because of this toy drive and the Mudpies Squad was thrilled to so many familiar faces and ofcourse had so much fun photographing the Magic. We would love to make this one of our many yearly community service projects. As our motto is and will always be 


 Our hearts are so full and ready to kick off an awesome 2019, please join us!



S'more Campfires and Cuddles

A Sneak peek from our Outdoor Holiday Sessions, Campfire theme😍 We were so happy that we booked these early fall before the freezing temps. We waited to post as to not ruin any Christmas gift and card suprises but here is a small peek. What a fun time everyone had toasting marshmallows and cuddling around the campfire and of course our VW camper "Rosie" made an appearance to add variety to each session.