Milestone Session

You know how they say "Kids grow up too fast?" It's true, and that's why we love offering milestone packages.

As your baby gets older, we can capture many moments from a three-month belly stage, six-month sitter session, a birthday cake-smash, Tween confidence-boosting session with an “All about Me” session focusing on their hobbies, or just a “Let Them Be Little” shoot where we capture natural play and smiles during an interactive session. Keep in mind we can include family shots as well (may as well, right?).

It's the kind of photography you will always be happy to have chosen. Make sure to book your session as soon as you can for scheduling purposes, and be sure to ask us about our long list of options!

Book a milestone session.

If you’d like to see larger versions of the Milestone Moments below, please follow this link.

Cake-smashes are one of our most popular types of Milestone Moments. If you’d like to see larger versions of the favorite cake-smashes below, please follow this link.