Our Stealthy Approach to Capture Wedding Moments You'll Cherish


You may know us as the "newborn photo people" or maybe the "child photo people." Or maybe, if we're lucky, "our favorite photographers!"

But we also spend some of our time focused on another amazing time of life: weddings.

For maximum creativity, we limit our wedding bookings to only a handful per year. We do absolutely love to capture the union of two souls, and it shows in our images! It's such a different environment than newborn and child photography - we don't usually have to coax the bride with bubbles - but it has so many fun, unique advantages as we put all our effort into captivating one of the most memorable days a person can have.

The sharing of a special joining with family and friends is often unforgettable. If you've been married or been to a wedding, you are probably thinking of how much fun you had right now.

But you also probably have a hard time remember the specific visual details. Many brides and grooms say they can remember exactly what their soon-to-be-spouse looked like the moment they saw them in the aisle, but there are so many moments around that: the faces of loved ones gazing at the brides with huge smiles; the flower girl giggling; the first dance that might end in a tear or two of joy.

Those details begin to fade over time and memories do get lost.

This is why our style of capturing a wedding is more of a natural, journalistic approach.

Other wedding photographers may opt for a more traditional, posed approach, but we want to catch all the nuance!

We try our best to capture EVERY detail and be non-intrusive, as no one wants to be bothered by photographers when there's a wedding to celebrate! We work with the DJ, Maître D', wedding coordinator and other people you've brought on to make the day special. We're coordinating with them so you can enjoy YOUR day.

Pictures on YOUR day should not be stressful! We never want to keep anyone from having fun, and honestly, wedding portraits should be FUN for both bride and groom as well as the bridal party. We absolutely will do all the standard bridal party photos - and have a blast doing it! - but we'll make sure we are "behind the scenes" throughout the big day, getting a laugh here or a quiet moment there. We want you to see the photos and say, "I can't believe they captured that moment!"

We go above and beyond. Our team has been known to sew up a last minute button, scrub a stain, comfort little ones, fix a booboo, even whip up a lost boutonniere from field flowers! (Seriously!)

We are there to not only capture your wedding day, but help make it as smooth as possible.

And, amidst all that, we capture beautiful, memorable photos you'll cherish forever. Here's just a glimpse of our recent weddings. Thanks for letting our team be a part of your special day! Haven't picked a wedding photographer yet? Let's talk!