Moms, I'm here to tell you from experience.... life is short, time flies. I know you will come up with 27 reasons why you don't want to be in front of the lens or why the timing is'nt right to get those pictures taken. I'm here to tell you NOBODY is ever going to look back and regret getting TOO many pictures and moments captured!!

Your children will not remember how flabby skin on your tummy squished out over your jeans, or how you spent days trying to find a flowy top to hide it. They wont even think about why you wore those leggings for basically 7 months straight. They want the images that spark the memories of moments,  to flood back to the warmth of your embrace, how your skin felt as you held them, how you sounded as you read those bedtime stories or how silly you made the car rides with those songs.  You won't remember the sleepless nights, the constant spills or tantrums. You will want the images that spark the memories of those kicks you felt in your tummy while anxiously awaiting your bundle, that newborn flaky skin and fresh baby smell, the big gummy smile all the way up to them walking across the stage at graduation or that moment she walks down the aisle and your heart is racing.  We want to capture images for you that take you Right. Back There. 

Consider booking a mom and me session WE DO THESE YEAR ROUND..any ages, include grandmas too!!

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