Taco TwosDay, Central PA Child Photographer

I LOVE cake, but I love tacos the MOST.... How fun- A Taco Smash!

Seems like after the BIG ONE so many people forget to document the annual birthdays and end up regretful. We are not gonna sugar coat it, TWO year olds, (actually, toddlers in general) are a force to be reckoned with -ESPECIALLY our own. You will often find us swapping shoots or showing up to help with capturing our kiddos.

When it comes to fine Art Photography,  we are here to tell you....It won't be stressful if you let us do our thing- because, well, it’s our thing! We have learned how to read them, we can bring a calmness, and make it fun if you let us work our magic!  WE WILL GET THE SHOTS...promise. We prepare with extra staff, props, and style the sessions ahead of time to have the best possible outcome! it has inspired our “Let Them Be Little petite sessions- pictures capturing them naturally, not stressful for them. The team at Mudpies N Butterflies not only has over 18 years of photographic experience, but we have done lots of training and best of all, we are all mamas.  WE JUST GET IT!

Sneak peek of this extremely fun birthday shoot in our natural light studio and THE CANTINA, downtown York Pa, no Tequila involved but the Guacamole and Two year old spunk was plentiful!

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