Don't Blink: Sounds Cliche, but Don't

Wrinkly toes turn to big gummy laughs, that turn to wobbly steps with chubby little cheeks, that turn to grass stained knees, that turn to shorter and shorter lived snuggles, that turn to sweaty sports uniforms or gym socks, that turns into car keys hanging from their pockets. 

When people say don't's for real. Don't blink sounds cliche, but I'm here as a  "mom of many" or "mominator" as my teens would say. I'm a mama of adult children and all ages in between.  One minute you’re smelling a freshly bathed toddler who wants a bedtime story, and the next you’re pacing halls because it's close to curfew. That leads into them spreading their wings and even starting their own families!

You will triumph in parenting and you will fail....but one things is for sure, whether we blink or not, they grow up. Nobody ever regrets freezing moments in time by capturing images. 

We will capture it! Let Mudpies freeze all this in a unique way with images of everything that is THEM.  

This back to school season cuts into me as usual, summers go too fast. For many parents sending kids off into this big world its terrifying and happens all to quick. This video struck me in the feels.

Also Here's some images recently captured from an adorable little boy whose mama says we captured him perfectly-natural smiles and with all things he adores.  ( Tap for image carousel)