How to host Boudoir Photoshoot Party

Want to know how to host a boudoir Photoshoot Party?

At MnB Studios, we love capturing and empowering women of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and ethnicities.  We want you to look at every image and see what WE see, a beautiful you!

We encourage you to consider hosting the MNB studio #GlamSquad with a few of your gal pals and embrace being a sexy woman! Don’t feel sexy? You will. We guarantee it!

We’ve logged many years of education and experience in Boudoir photography. While it may not have always been the main focus at Mudpies Studios, we’ve grown and perfected the craft of capturing women in an artistic way. (Besides, who doesn’t want to feel like freakin’ Beyonce for the day?)

The MnB GlamSquad brings all the glam, glitter, high heels, and lipstick to groups of women - and everyone has a blast! It makes our own hearts soar when our creativity elevates your group, delivering all the feeling of being on-set… LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! We roll out the red carpet with professional makeup and hair design services, professional set crew, and two professional photographers. Each of your friends will have a private session with multiple wardobe changes with professional tips and suggestions from on-set STYLIST. YES, professional styling!

At first we didn’t think York was a market for this service, but boy were we wrong! York NEEDS more women empowering women. And we’re not only up to the challenge, we’re perfect for the job.

Gather a group of gals, set up a Facebook convo, and fire questions over to us. We would love to collaborate with you and make your perfect dream session a reality. We’ll pop bubbly and laugh the day away! What a fun time everyone has been having at these boudoir parties - from planning playlists of music to planning food and cocktails!

We respect your personal choices around levels of privacy, and you’ll receive a password protected gallery of your gorgeous intimate images to keep for yourself (which we would never share without permission). Although… so far every person who has participated in one of these parties has wanted us to share some of those images with the world! Yep, you heard that right! Women who were nervous about it, self-conscious and doubtful… shouting LOOK AT ME! THAT is our goal.  Whether it’s a solo boudoir session or a Bombshell Boudoir party, we are changing how women look at themselves, one boudoir at a time. We invite you to look through our lenses…

Join the fun at FestivICE 2019 York Pa FREE Event

The Mudpies Studio Girls will be all around Central Market York during FestivICE and we look forward to seeing you! Stop by our display near the Cherry Lane middle door  entrance for a chance to win a FREE session and take a break from the cold. Let your kiddos enjoy our sensory SNOW play!


We love the magic of Winter and sessions in the snow are always so fun, interactive, timeless, breathtaking images in a beautiful setting. The emotion drawn from the natural interaction and capturing real time love, gives us the warm fuzzies even if it’s cold outside!


FF Downtown ... that's where it's at

So .. Whats the "F" s you ask? First Friday February, that's WHAT!!! This project had been a labor of love for two years and we are ready to share with you all.... that our Grand Opening of a third location is slated for First Friday in February! Yes, we have been in Cherry Lane at Central Market in York City for three years so although not new to downtown we now have our own building WITH a parking lot in downtown York, Pa!! 

We are feeling so blessed! In addition to our lovely and cozy studio in Dover that is complete with a newborn suite, and this past Summers addition of our Leader Heights Natural light studio location ....we now have a gorgeous Warehouse downtown! Yep, we are right in the heart of charming downtown with the heritage trail, Foundry park, art district and more all walking distance! We will be able to service our more mature clients in a way that fits even more styles perfectly!  High School Seniors, Families, Athletes, host Boudior sessions and more.

We love supporting other artist in the area and have worked side by side (and are friends with) the majority of the top photographers in York so we are pleased to announce that this space is a mixed use creative venue that will host a variety of classes, workshops, shootouts and events and we can't wait to collaborate and continue to -  Serve. love.Capture 

With that being said- we need a name for the space! Since the venue will be for mixed use, we have our top choices selected and feel we should let YOU all, our fans decide!! We will be having a POLL coming up and need your help! Watch Facebook for all the details, address and some images of our new space!! Looking forward to sharing this exciting time with you. Stay tuned  


How do you eat your Christmas cookies?

Well the handfuls with lots of crumbs, cuddles and hysterical moments of course! How many people can we fit onto one vintage iron bed? ALOT and  how many cookies can we eat? ( 8 dozen to be exact 😂🤣)

  Mudpies N Butterflies couldn't be more blessed! We made some new friends and welcomed life long clients into the studios, thank you for  trusting us with your holiday memories! So many awesome canvases that were included with these sessions were delivered as gifts,  so although we started these way back in the early fall...our lips were sealed (haha we noticed many of our families could not wait and posted for all to see anyway!) and we LOVED seeing your adorable and creative holiday cards too! Although we love PJs pictures year round our Farmhouse Christmas Cookie sessions are all wrapped up! Multiple sets worked out lovely to get the best of both styles in one session and gave everyone a variety.

Santa coming to Mudpies Dover Studio location was the BEST idea our little elves have had!  Ofcourse Santa knew each child by name, it was really magical! The special part was- that everyone got to experience the true meaning of the season and gift children need with a brand new toys. Over 150 children were able to open up new gifts because of this toy drive and the Mudpies Squad was thrilled to so many familiar faces and ofcourse had so much fun photographing the Magic. We would love to make this one of our many yearly community service projects. As our motto is and will always be 


 Our hearts are so full and ready to kick off an awesome 2019, please join us!



S'more Campfires and Cuddles

A Sneak peek from our Outdoor Holiday Sessions, Campfire theme😍 We were so happy that we booked these early fall before the freezing temps. We waited to post as to not ruin any Christmas gift and card suprises but here is a small peek. What a fun time everyone had toasting marshmallows and cuddling around the campfire and of course our VW camper "Rosie" made an appearance to add variety to each session. 


Change of Seasons

Change. It's inevitable. We do it daily. Actually, every second of the day things are changing all around us. We welcome and embrace each new season. 

So with seasons changing, so do we. While we are true to our style and brand...we haven't been just shooting behind the lens. If so, we would be stale! Year after year we keep growing and evolving. If we wouldn't, how can we stay up to date fresh and stylish for our lifetime clients? 

We brainstorm, get creative, and pull together some amazing sets and concepts. We also spend hours and hours learning and perfecting our craft. Behind the scenes, we are taking workshops and classes from world renowned professionals. We strive to stay on top of the latest trends while creating timeless, sharp, crisp, clear, and vibrant images for all of our families.

 Sometimes we find some photographers like our ideas and often they replicate concepts and sometimes they just plain ol' playgerize. We are flattered ...but one thing that contributes to success that has stood the test of time isn't from mimicking others, it's from being innovative yet doing so in such a way that our clients want to come back -time and time again, because it's about the experience they had while with us and the professional product they leave with. 

We wanted to write this blog to keep you updated on the things we have changing! We are adding some new faces to the Mudpies team, but, just because they are new to the team doesn't mean they are new to photography or new to the studio, but rather their focus is on other areas of Mudpies that can be grown. Stay tuned for formal introductions!

 We had been keeping a secret this year.... (Many of you have already visited) We added a huge new natural light studio in southern York County to our client set options and we are excited to offer this space to compliment our awesome studio hosting our carefully designed newborn suite in Dover.  With 18 floor to ceiling windows and sky lights, this will receive gorgeous light year round! We look forward to hosting brides, boudoirs, bumps, babies, seniors and more in our space. 

And that's not all...we are keeping a few other BIG 2019 Announcements for another blog 😍  

 As we move on from fall folliage sessions ..we continue planning out wardrobes these fun Camping Christmas minis as well as our natural light studio farmhouse Christmas style for the holidays. Timeless images that are not "Christmasy" and will look gorgeous on display year round.

We also are pleased to announce we can offer snow sessions ALL winter- SNOW or NOT, starting late December.  How awesome is that?! Yep. We have our own snow machines and these sessions will be sure to show off the beauty of winter! We are planning some playful sessions in January and February with our very own winter wonderland creations You will want to book these now! Spots will fill up fast!

Before we rush into the next season, let's soak in the last part of Autumn. Although the leaves were not changing as soon as we thought, we were able to add a little magic to make everyone's images colorful and stunning. Here’s a peek at some of our foliage sessions!

Don’t blink

Don't Blink

Yep, it happens fast! Each passing day quickly turns to months and years and before you know it, they are not little anymore. Watching families grow and capturing that, is our passion.

We have been capturing precious moments with this family for many years! We have taken so many fun portraits on the farm with the kids running around and having a blast! The farm animals have grown rather fond of us, and us of them, too! We cannot wait to continue to share many more sessions with this family as they grow! Check out some of our favorite captures from years past and their recent 2018 family session!


How to Have a Fun Senior Photoshoot

How to have a fun Senior photoshoot? Well….just add ALL your favorite things!

To say we had a blast with Joshua during his senior session is an understatement! He is a true outdoorsman and we got to see all of the things that he is passionate about. We met his favorite four-legged pal, Remi, the goat, learned about his role as President of the Pennsylvania White Rose FFA, and watched him fling some mud on his 4 wheeler! We love designing and planning sessions for our Seniors! We love for them to show off their passions to capture real and timeless images that parent are sure to treasure for a lifetime.

Its never too late or the wrong season! Let us plan out a session with your senior. Our packages include released fully digitally edited images. 

Check out the sneak peek portraits from Joshua’s session!

blogBradfield Senior Session-1063.jpg

How to have a Magical Photoshoot

How to have a magical photoshoot? Include A UNICORN

No matter how you view them, mythical beast or a glittery fairytale pony. Unicorns are real…

These styled shoots are an experience. We love letting kids just be little. In the times social media and crazier schedules than ever- our kids are growing up way to fast, in fact kids are forced to deal with adult issues sooner than they should have to! We not only want to capture that inner child, but allow them to actually experience it with imagination. We ended our summer “Let Them Be Little” Petite series but that does not mean the fun stops! We offer these fun interactive sessions year round!

Camping and campfires, snowball fights, cookies in bed, cocoa for Santa, pillowfights and pancakes minis are just a small mention of our upcoming mini sessions we are offering over the cooler months! Life’s not all unicorns and rainbows, but it can be when you come get creative with us!

We had a blast working with these gorgeous girls and the beautiful white horse. The “unicorn” loved all of the affection (and treats) that the girls fed her! Check out some of the many magical moments we captured of Jasmine, Lily, and her unicorn during their photoshoot!

A girl and her Pony

A girl and her Pony

More than photography

To us, yes, it’s about capturing milestones because memories fade, but its more than just photography! We bond with our clients and they become like family. This family is no exception as we have watched their family grow and have been blessed to photograph their last 3 children’s newborn sessions. We have been able to capture many milestones even after those newborn sessions including their youngest daughter’s recent cakesmash! How adorable are these 5 blue eyed kiddos?!?! We love each one of them and their little personalities! Check out a sneak peek from Charlotte’s one year/cakesmash session!

Let Them Be Little

Summer is over but that doesn’t mean the memories have to end! We plan to continue our “Let Them Be Little“ Summer series starting Spring of 2019 with fresh new ideas and fun for the entire family to join in! We don’t ever want our parents experiencing stressful shoots and besides, who wants to chase toddlers and get all sweaty with your makeup melting and hair frizzing?!?! ..LET US DO THE WORK AND LET THEM BE LITTLE! We have captured so many adorable kiddos naturally at play with our Summer Petite sessions. Here is a flashback of a few of our favorites! We wish we could share them all because their smiles were as big as their imaginations and our hearts melted.

Miracle From The Start

We value all strong women who are busy with school, careers, keeping families going and even some wearing those supermom capes always so selfless! Many of you have seen our display at the York Womans Healthcare Group OBGYN office in York, Pa, where you will see many faces who represent a story of strength. One of those is a story of courage and a little miracle.

We were blessed to meet an amazingly strong woman who courageously conquered above and beyond what most of us can’t even comprehend. Her story brought us to tears. We were so thankful to be able to capture these precious moments for her and her husband and their journey is just so inspiring. Below is a super shortened version of this journey.

“In January 2018, I was diagnosed with endometrioid adenocarcinoma while in my second trimester of pregnancy after completing IVF therapy! I had open abdominal surgery to remove it, had a port placed, and started chemotherapy. Flash forward to delivery month when I had my FINAL CHEMO treatment!!” -Colleen

Joey was born healthy and incredibly strong! Capturing this precious little miracle along with his amazing parents was such a joyous time that we hold close and cant wait to watch him grow.


Family, fun, and lots of smiles!

We love shooting outdoor family portraits! It's all about you and your family having fun together with lots of laughing and smiling while we capture each precious moment. This family made it so easy to do just that! Do you have a special location that is sentimental to your family? We would love to photograph you and your family so you have these memories to savor for years to come! 

Summer sunflowers

We had a blast shooting our sunflower sessions this year! Every year we have a gracious local farmer who plants sunflower fields just for our private use, but due to the bad weather, the crops didn't flourish as we hoped. Gray Apple Market saved the day by allowing us to use their beautiful sunflower gardens and market, too! Be sure to check them out for all of your Fall and farmhouse decor!  Here's a sneak peek of a few families we were blessed to capture portraits of. We look forward to a bumper crop next year and more sunflower sessions!

Facebook Lyon Sunflower Session-1024.jpg